Make A Decision Already, Please.

There are certain things that are bound to occur in any individual’s life time, with only difference being the time of its appearance. Indecisiveness is one of them. Indecisiveness is really frustrating, irrespective of the fact that it’s indecisiveness of self or somebody else’s indecisiveness affecting the individual. It’s so loud a problem that it … Continue reading Make A Decision Already, Please.

National Voter Registration Day

Are you registered to vote? It is an easy thing to check and even easier to do. For all the discussion about voter disenfranchisement and voter fraud the larger problem is actually much more serious. In the last general election, 2012, the population of the United States was 314.1 million people according to the United … Continue reading National Voter Registration Day

They Protest Because They Don’t Want To Hear The Truth

Incendiary is an understatement. Tone-deaf doesn't quite cut it. Seriously, does he even hear what says? Is this really who Hillary Clinton wants representing her on the campaign trail? Of course she does because she believes the same thing and you're being used! It's hard to imagine that people across the country, especially in the … Continue reading They Protest Because They Don’t Want To Hear The Truth