Training Day

How wrong I was! After teaching for over 20 years I have finally encountered one of my most difficult students. As we get older, we learn more and more about the world around us. While some of us choose to expand our knowledge and minds, there are some among us that close their minds to … Continue reading Training Day


Common Things Made of Gold

Have you ever been standing in the middle of your living room vacuuming up cat hair and thought, "Man, this moment in my life would be so much better if my vacuum cleaner was made of 24K gold"? Like not all of it - just the parts that are usually metal or plastic. The bag … Continue reading Common Things Made of Gold

Some 19th Century Flatware Patterns


As I’ve researched flatware patterns over the years, I’ve compiled information which I wanted easy access to…thus this post.  I hope it helps you as it has helped (and will continue to help) me.  I’ll be updating it periodically.

Following are some 19th Century flatware patterns shown in alphabetical order by pattern name.  Below each grouping is additional information regarding the patterns shown.

Where you see “+” it means that there were multiple manufacturers for a particular pattern as does the word “numerous”.


Acanthus:  Gorham, 1885 (sterling)
Acme:  Holmes, Booth & Haydens, 1877
Alaska:  Wm. Rogers / Anchor Rogers, 1890
Alpine:  Wallace, 1881, Pat. #12137 to Meriden Britannia, H. W. Hirschfeld design
Anchor:  Hartford, International Silver, 1882
Angelo: Wm. Rogers (numerous), 1883 aka “Saratoga” pattern
Angelo:  Wood & Hughes, 1878, Pat. #10536, Charles F. Richers design
Antique Engraved: Gorham, 1880
Arbutus: Lunt, A.F. Towle, 1883
Arcadian:  1847 Rogers Bros., 1884
Armenian:  1847 Rogers Bros…

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