It takes time to cut into the heart. Each stroke of the tool used, whether it be a scalpel or words, it leaves a mark. The deeper the cut, the longer it takes to heal. Sometimes you may not realize that it’s you with the tool on hand or your words you use that’s creating the damage, but the damage is permanent. The scars remain long after the words have past or the blade is set down. Something that once gave you such joy, can be upended with repeated abuses. Whether it’s you with the tool or someone else using the tool on you, take a moment to look at the damage being caused. No amount of anger or hurt you inflict on others or have inflicted upon you is worth it. If you’re not happy, don’t become a tool of destruction or self destruction. This day is a gift of God’s grace, his mercy, his love. He doesn’t want his children to go through this. A child of God needs his love and if you’re hurting others, you’re not his child. Step back and evaluate what you’re doing or what’s going on in your life. Change is change. Change can be hard, but change you must in order to receive God’s gift. Be only a tool of and for God, not one of evil. It’s not the way into the kingdom of heaven.


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