Manifesting Your Life Through Dreams

We all dream at some point during our slumber. We may have had a difficult time falling asleep, but at last, sleep arrives. Our days of socializing with others compile in our memories, many we may not even be aware of. Conversations, sights, smells, tastes and emotions are catalogued in our minds. We may not realize it, but our minds are truly beautiful. It is the computer of our lives. Data is received, organized in some manner and placed on a server for recall when needed. As we age, our processor begins to lose its oomph and we begin to slow down, sometimes to a tragic end. But yet, we dream still.

Dream recollection can be difficult for many people. Imagine having an awful event played over repeatedly in your dreams or not remembering anything at all. To some extent, we all do this. When my now adult children were younger and had nightmares, I would ask them a series of questions to determine the origin of the bad dream. It gave me a glimpse inside the operating system that they were working off of. A quite fascinating thing for me to learn, for they each were very different from one another and had very different ways of processing information. I would listen to what they had to say, if they could say anything at all. The one constant thing that would come up was fear. 

Life raising children as a single parent was not easy and I made choices that I have come to regret. At the time, I thought I was doing the best that I could given the circumstances that we were in. What I didn’t realize was how it affected each of them in different ways. You see, I was manifesting my fears into not only my own life, but theirs as well. The scale of which guided their decisions to do or say things or not to. Things that seemed insignificant to me, were major to them and they held on to some things much more than I could have ever imagined shaping them into the adults that they are today. For better or worse, it made them the people that they are today.

I’m not here to tell you that dreams are just your fears, because that wouldn’t be true. Dreams are fragments of events, that for some reason, your mind is trying to get you to pay attention to. Maybe there’s something that you didn’t pick up on in the moment. Maybe it was more important than you thought it was at the time. Maybe it was an extremely happy moment. Whatever the case may be, your subconscious mind wants you to remember. The important part is to discover the why and try to retain as much of the dream as possible. 

When my children were old enough, I would tell them to keep a journal next to their bed so that they could write things down. Even a recording device to repeat it as quickly as possible. To be honest, this is useful for just about anything. They could go back to sleep and play it back for themselves later, maybe with more clarity. My daughter was the one that would always come to me about her dreams. Sometimes they scared her so much that she couldn’t go back to sleep. Fortunately, that subsided as she grew older.

A consistent theme in most all dreams is fear of loss. We all fear to lose and no one likes to lose, anything. Our dreams are mostly about losing people and things. Dreams make us attempt interpretation with almost a rhyme like methodology. For example, in a dream, I was in a pool. Then I was being separated from my children by a maze made out of slightly cloudy water. The more I tried to get closer to them, the thicker and darker the water would get. I still remember waking from this dream panicked, with my heart racing and I was crying, hard, in real life. Now during this time in my life, things were scattered to say the least. I was dealing with a life crisis. I was involved in a major auto accident, sustained horrible injuries keeping me from being able to work for a year and a half. Arguing with doctors about my prognosis, becoming addicted to the medications they prescribed, getting off those same medications against the doctor’s wishes, learning to cope with excruciating levels of pain without the aide of medication AND trying to be a good mother to my children. At times, it was just too much for me to handle.

Photo by Giffen Clark Ott, via Flickr.

There was family around but they could only see what they could see. I wouldn’t talk about it to anyone and looking back at it now, I wasn’t very good at hiding my emotions or putting on a good show. It was hard enough to get through the day than to keep up appearances. I came across as the ultimate B. There was so much loss during that time. As long as I had my children, it was ok. One of the things I finally realized was that I really needed help. My dream, on the other hand, took that as this is your life without them. There was nothing really rational about what was going on in the dream. A pool, turns into a maze, being blocked from my children, getting stuck, trying to do it myself knowing that I needed help and not succeeding. The dream was so real in that moment, that my natural fight or flight kicked in and woke me up. That dream happened almost 20 years ago. It still stirs and upsets me.

My darkest, deepest fears of my life were permeating into my dreams. There was no resolution in the dream, no answers. Only fear. The only thing I did get from it, was that nothing was going to stop me. I never stopped trying, fighting in the dream. I wasn’t taking anyone’s no for an answer. The strange part of this event was that after I woke and realized it was a dream, I wanted to return to resolve it. I was actually angry about the dream and not being able to pick up where I left off. Control freak much? Of course, going back to sleep was not really an option, nor was returning to the dream.

Fear is one of the greatest motivators in your life. So, the next time you wake from a dream with that confused expression, try to figure out what it was really trying to tell you. There’s something manifesting from you real life in to your dreams. Pay attention.


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