How Much Does Your Vote Matter?

I hear the argument about how much people say that they believe that their vote doesn’t matter, but that couldn't be further from the truth. We hear all about the national elections and then sometimes, we’ll hear about a candidate that bubbles to the top and makes the national news. Most of the time, the … Continue reading How Much Does Your Vote Matter?


As much as I enjoy engaging in political discussions, engagement has become very toxic for me. This doesn't mean that I still don't enjoy it, I just refuse to allow myself to get worked up over it. There's already too many "world is on fire" voices out there and I don't think that it contributes … Continue reading Disconnecting

Back to Your Corners! Or Not…

It’s amazing how quickly we sink into our defensive positions even after overcoming such difficult circumstances. These very powerful hurricanes which dealt us as a nation a one-two punch in both Texas and Florida brought out the true human side of us. It was mostly an eerily beautiful thing to witness, but it wasn’t without … Continue reading Back to Your Corners! Or Not…

The First Amendment, the Press & Congress

How invested are you in the outcome of all of the testimony that’s taking place on Capitol Hill? It would appear that everyone in the media wants to make sure that you can see it anywhere and everywhere possible. Not sure how you feel about this entire situation, but it’s looking more and more like … Continue reading The First Amendment, the Press & Congress