How invested are you in the outcome of all of the testimony that’s taking place on Capitol Hill? It would appear that everyone in the media wants to make sure that you can see it anywhere and everywhere possible. Not sure how you feel about this entire situation, but it’s looking more and more like over-kill. For the media’s sake, I think that they are praying that something is discovered that it is actually illegal, because if not, it will continue to erode their validity. I only want the facts. I don’t care about the speculation, commentary or opinion and that is exactly what, if not all we’ve been getting for a while now.

The press is actually mentioned in the Bill of Rights; the very first Amendment. Because of their mention, is seems like they feel like they’re above it all and can say and do anything. This current press atmosphere has been angry, boisterous and what’s amazing is that their veil of bias has been removed. You see, if you want to print trash or tape it, you have the tabloids and YouTube. We now have a united media just drooling to find something that justifies the way that they’ve been conducting business. At least now there should be no disputing the bias.

Yes, the current administration has given the media and the American people a lot to be either concerned or cheer about depending on how you voted. The only thing that does come off as united is the negativity in the media. I’d like the think that as a nation we could come together and listen to each other’s concerns, but that is getting so hard to even think possible. Those that voted in this administration, by and large, are happy, if not excited about what has been done so far. Those that didn’t vote for them believe the world will come to an end if something isn’t done to stop them. But what really have they done?

No new laws have been passed. Some executive orders have been signed and rescinded, but they are not laws and can be changed again with a new administration. Very few of the over 1000 cabinet and senior level positions have been filled. The travel ban was an executive order, not a law, but it was something that was similarly in place during the previous administration. As far as we know, no laws have been broken. He says stuff that many people wish that he wouldn’t, but if you heard anything that he said during the campaign, then you would know that’s how he speaks. The Paris Agreement? Congress never even debated that idea and we were never obligated to follow it anyway. What else?

January 20th was just over 4 months ago. We have 3 years and around 8 months to go. Are we really going to do this the whole time or are we going to give the benefit of doubt and seek facts, not innuendo? I’m betting on facts!

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