Sometimes it’s hard striking a balance between a friendship and other types of relationships. I’ve come to accept that I just can’t be your friend. In my head I hear, ‘but we’re so good together’ or ‘maybe it can be different’ but the truth of the matter is that simply isn’t true. No. Recognizing something that may appear to be normal on the outside, but turns everything on the inside into knots is usually not a good sign. No, it’s not love, but it can be just as powerful as it. Love is nurturing, kind, caring, understanding and supportive. What it’s not is destructive, callus, silent and abandoning. When a relationship turns into the latter, whether it’s a platonic friendship, a work friendship or a friendship that feels like love, it’s toxic and time to remove it from your life.

It’s not your responsibility to change others into what you think that they should be. No, you are the one that’s in control of your life just as they are, too. Growing with and learning about each other is not changing the other, but rather expanding your mind, heart and soul. Toxicity is never something that you want in your life, no matter how much you tell yourself that they will change, or worse, you will. Understanding that sometimes people are just not supposed to be together is hard to accept, but it’s so very important to learn that lesson. When you are compatible with each other that doesn’t mean that there won’t be heated discussions and arguments, but because the foundation is strong, you can get through it



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