It would appear to the world that the United States is having an emotional breakdown of sorts. If you were to take all of the supporters of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders you would find that combined, they’d clobber Hillary Clinton, no question. What’s interesting about this is that there really isn’t any clear distinction between the two. Let’s be honest about this. Trump has said some crazy things whether you agree or disagree isn’t the point, but that rhetoric has fired up a substantial size of the population who believe what he says. Sanders on the other hand, has said some things that are just improbable and maybe even impossible to carry out and that has awaken another substantial size of the electorate that also, believe what he says.


It would seem that well over 50% of the population is ok with these two men even if they each can’t do the fantastic things that they say they will. This only further demonstrates just how weak of a candidate Hillary Clinton is. Considering the field of candidates she has been up against, this should have been locked up for her, but just as in 2008, people just don’t like her at all, don’t trust her and thinks she just another typical politician. As Secretary of State, she traveled extensively 112 countries and about 956,733 mile and while that’s impressive for frequent flyer miles, it really didn’t do a whole lot to improve relations with many nations. In fact, some say she weaken relationships. Her time in that office, as is abundantly clear, is demonstrated her complete disregard for the regulations that were set in place to protect our national security. It’s that dismissive and condescending attitude towards anyone that challenges her and her downright hostile treatment towards her detractors and opponents that turn people away from her. The other fact is that this isn’t a new thing; it’s been there her entire career.


Sanders and Trump have both ignited something in people that has only been growing over the last few years and quite frankly, Clinton is just old and boring. November isn’t too far away and soon we will know who the actual race will be between. In the meantime, Trump and Sanders supporters are sizing each other up in the event the Sanders is unable to clinch the Democratic nomination. It’s shocking just how similar these two groups are similar even though they’d never admit to it. The metaphorical coin isn’t as different as some may think.




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