Much has been made about how Bernie Sanders needs to let the people who took time out of their lives to wait in line, caucus and vote for him now, for the good of the Democratic Party, need to coalesce around the soon to be anointed nominee, Hillary Clinton. Honestly, I don’t know how he can do that. Doing so would only demonstrate to those same people that he was a fraud and they were just fools to have “Felt the Bern” when there really wasn’t a real chance for him to win anyway. You see, the DNC has made sure that he wouldn’t have any chance of winning first by limiting the numbers of debates the Democratic nominees were to have, thus favoring Clinton; the DNC disallowing the Sanders campaign to access the voter roles of the DNC which took Sanders filing a lawsuit to restore his access. Even with the limited amount of debates, the slander against Sanders and even his wife when he had been incredibly generous to her early on, showed just how much of a snake she is and the DNC is. The amazing amount of disenfranchised DEMOCRATIC voters across the country, has been staggering (I thought only the Republicans did that). 

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If he is who he says he is then it would a clear, no brainer; he wouldn’t be able to do that. If his purpose was to move her to the left, I think that failed. You can’t move her in any direction, because if you do then you must also know that it’s all bullshit. She either believes what she believes or she doesn’t. This evolution nonsense is just that, nonsense. It amazes me just how many people in this country are persuaded by words and not deeds. Weren’t people taught that actions speak louder than words and Mrs. Clinton has many actions in her track record that don’t quite match up to her words? I only have one vote as do you, just please make sure that you know what you’re getting with the choice that you make!


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