Incendiary is an understatement. Tone-deaf doesn’t quite cut it. Seriously, does he even hear what says? Is this really who Hillary Clinton wants representing her on the campaign trail? Of course she does because she believes the same thing and you’re being used!


It’s hard to imagine that people across the country, especially in the African American communities, are ok with the nonsense that comes out of a Clinton’s mouth. When confronted with issues regarding the Black Lives Matter movement, Bill Clinton essentially justifies the laws that he passed while blaming republicans for the law all together. How can someone, anyone, listen to someone tell them that the law that Bill Clinton signed was a great thing for the community, even more within the African American community, while at the same time saying that those awful republicans made me do it? Bill Clinton and Black Lives Matter Protesters

Bill clinton blm

No matter if you agree with the BLM movement or not, listening to someone taking credit for a law while simultaneously condemning the same law makers that made it possible for him to sign it into law just defies reason. He goes on to say that Hillary had nothing to do with it because she wasn’t in Congress, which is true, yet it’s her words that are used to describe the very people that the law was supposed to target. Bring Them to Heel

1996 hillary

I think it’s sickening that so many people have already voted for this woman without doing any research on what she has and hasn’t done. It’s funny that she claims how she’s been fighting for the people her whole life and yet it only appears that she’s really been fighting for certain people, you know, not the ones that matter. 

There’s still time to turn this around, but not much. 


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