indecisionThere are certain things that are bound to occur in any individual’s life time, with only difference being the time of its appearance. Indecisiveness is one of them. Indecisiveness is really frustrating, irrespective of the fact that it’s indecisiveness of self or somebody else’s indecisiveness affecting the individual. It’s so loud a problem that it has successfully attracted the attention of various scholars, researchers, novelists etc. Before proceeding further, in expectation that it will improve the understanding of intensity of the problem, famous lines by few learned persons are quoted below.

“The risk of wrong decision in preferable to the terror of indecision.” – Maimonides

“He who rides the middle of the road gets hit from both the ends.” – Loni Bergqvist

indecisivenessThese quotes are very helpful in sense, that they allow one to infer that ‘wrong decision’ is better than ‘indecision’. This is for the reasons that even if an individual makes a wrong decision and realizes it after some time, it is possible to go for course correction and start moving on right path. In other case, i.e., in case of indecision, everything comes to halt and people know that the status–quo is no solution to any problem in the world. Normally, status – quo tells that people are not able to decide on the real course of action to be chosen.

The problem of indecision is not limited to few individuals, rather every individuals comes face to face with it at one or the other point in his life time. Real tact is in identifying such a situation, and then developing capabilities and skills to overcome it. If this problem is left untreated it turns into a monster, a monster which feeds on itself.

One important trait that has been identified by scholars and researchers about individuals suffering from indecisiveness is that indecisive people tend to have low self – confidence and added to is their problem of over thinking of potential problems. This in other terms it can be called as “landing in paralysis of analysis”.

20 secondsMost of the times, indecision is born out of the situation of avoiding (i) the choice between two negative alternatives, where one is to be adopted; and/ or (ii)choice between two fairly equal courses of action. This is a situation where the solution could any, i.e., heads or tails, if you were to flip a coin. So, in such situations, go ahead and flip the coin.

At other times, it has been observed that many successful individuals start to suffer with this problem after they have achieved some success. Such individuals take extra pain to cover many extra miles before arriving at a decision, just to save them from being dubbed as idiot or dumb. In such cases the problem may escalate to the level of being called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). The individuals who want look intelligent, smart and correct in all the decisions made by then are more vulnerable to be trapped in this situation. Most important thing to overcome such a situation is to constantly remind oneself that “to err is human”. If you deem yourself to be to be something else than human then you are welcome to go ahead with what your instinct tells you, else keep yourself reminding of this fact. Soon, the person would realize that he has bid adieu to the problem of indecisiveness.

squirrel-on-a-road-textIn some cases, it has been seen that people when given with many alternatives, become victim of indecision. In such a scenario individual needs to understand that keeping all options open for ever leads to nowhere in the world. Therefore, it is important that to start moving on one of the alternatives routes available, as it will lead somewhere, despite of closing other options. Else all options will remain open but individual we reach nowhere. Remember, Henry Ford once said that “indecision is often worse than wrong action.”

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