I’ve have been watching what is known to the public as the American elections but they’re what I prefer to call the train wreck of America. I have always been a registered independent as long as I have been able to vote.

CorduroyPlanet 297

My questions are many for those that support the two top candidates: How can you vote for these people (is it hard or easy)? Why will you vote for these people (how will their being elected impact you)? Have you considered voting third party (is that really an option)? Despite what they both have said, what do you think will be the outcome when either one is elected (yes, one of them will be the next president)? At what point can the things that have been said by both candidates push you over to the other candidate (there’s a trend appearing)? Are you basing your vote on what has been said or what has been done (they say actions speak louder than words)? Are you voting for what’s best for the country or for yourself (Yes, you’re a part of the country but so am I and your neighbor, co-workers and friends are too)?


So many questions to be answered, I know, but I also have a pretty good idea how this will go based on the friends that I have. I know that the elections are still months away but I wish we could have a do-over.


No hating on anyone for their honesty to the questions whether you may agree with them or not. One of the main problems in this country is that no one is willing to even hear the other side out. They’re already condemning them in their heads, as they are speaking; not listening to anything that is being said. It’s true that there are millions in this country that feel like the system has failed them and is stacked against them. That may even be you! It’s not something that ANY ONE OF US should ignore rather we should be collectively trying to figure out how we can do something about it. Elected officials really aren’t all that powerful unless you surrender to their will.


This election is so very important for so many reasons, so you must participate and vote. All I’m asking from you is how?


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