Make Money From Home

With it being fantastic outside with most of us are huddled up in offices, schools and our own homes, it is time for us to go outside and enjoy these days while they last. If you are in the Houston area and have been here a while, then you know just how special these days … Continue reading Make Money From Home

Aquamarine’s Eyes To The Soul

If you are born in March or will be celebrating your 19th wedding anniversary, Aquamarine is your stone! Known for its water-like coloring, this beautiful stone is the birthstone for March. Those born during this month are believed to be faithful, have courage and offer friendship freely. They also are aware, have quick response time and easily … Continue reading Aquamarine’s Eyes To The Soul

Oh Cupid!

When it comes to the poll, it does not have to be an all or nothing type of answer. It can be a day to appreciate the love that you do have in your life and may be taking for granted right now or not appreciating the gifts that you do have. Instead of focusing on what you do not have, focus on what you do have and love what you have! Be your own Cupid!