Ok, I’m sharing something new with everyone. It’s something that I have been doing for the last 15 years, but I’ve kept it hidden until today.

If you appreciate poetry in the form of a sonnet, I hope that you will appreciate this. Tell me what you think! Yes, you can comment however it makes you feel or think of. Leave comments here or on Facebook.


As one you come into the world

Alone, yet not

Traveling in levels

The slow pace makes

When rushed can fade

Or explode

Forbidden acceptance

Beats have grown

As one now two

Intensity flows

Traveling in levels

No level too high

Plateau reveals

Distance between two

Two unconcerned

Two become one

Traveled in levels

No level too low

As one you come into the world

As one you leave her

Traveling in levels

Until there are none

Never search





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