cupidOh, Cupid. Your job is so hard! Trying to spark connections between people that otherwise would not even be paying attention. Even when people lose hope in finding love, you come into the picture with your bow, arrow and a trail of hearts. If a poll were taken today, how many people would say that they love Cupid and how many would say that they love to hate Cupid? The answer is actually very subjective and may help you to see the reasons people are behaving the way in which they are.
loving-petsIf you are in love, then you will most probably answer that you love Cupid and all that goes with it. The flowers, the candy, the jewelry, the romantic dates or trips, the color red or pink, or just about anything associated with Valentine’s Day. Jewelers, florists, department stores and even travel agents have been pitching to you for weeks now how perfect what they are offering is for you and your significant other. The music is more loving and happy to you. The birds singing are actually singing love songs to you. The fragrances are just so enticing that you can barely contain yourself. The bottom line is that you are smitten, in love and Cupid has done his job!


If you are not “in love” with someone, that is ok, too! Here is why you should not love to hate Cupid. You love yourself, in a healthy way. You love your children. You love your pets; after all they are like children to so many people. You love where you work, where you live or where you are right now. And while Cupid may not give you a reason to have heart-shaped eyes; loving who you are around, what you are doing and where you are at is just as special!

familyWhen it comes to the poll, it does not have to be an all or nothing type of answer. It can be a day to appreciate the love that you do have in your life and may be taking for granted right now or not appreciating the gifts that you do have. Instead of focusing on what you do not have, focus on what you do have and love what you have! Be your own Cupid!

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