men-and-womenHow well do you know your significant other? Couples, whether they have been together for a day or a half century, always have something new to learn about each other. When a relationship is new, it is all about discovery. What each other like and dislikes and by paying attention to each other you can learn a lot!

men-vs-womenSome people are romantic while others are not, but we all crave affection of some sort. People tend to project themselves onto their partners whether they realize it or not. It is a secret language between to people and at times, it can be nearly impossible to understand. But, if you are able to interpret the signs and signals that they are giving you, you will be better able to understand what they are telling you.

how-to-be-romantic-There seems to be an expectation for men to be the romantic ones, chivalrous, if you will. With the rise of feminism, more and more men are retreating from that position because that has been the message that they have been given by women in their past. The more they involve themselves with those types of women, the more desensitized they become in recognizing signals simply because of how foreign they are to them. Men are much more reserved in discussing their likes and dislikes but they are more likely to act on it rather than discussing it.

Women on the other hand are complicated. Is that not the understatement of the year? Women also recognize that there is a struggle going on among other women and some see the divide as a threat to femininity. This is why it is so important to understand each other early on, as there will be time in the future to fine tune to each as times passes. Women, even if it is denied, are emotional and hormonal and that is not a negative thing. It’s what makes women attractive to men, able to bear children and handle situations that many men would simply walk away from. While it is true that some women need some help with controlling their emotions with medication, most women do not; so please get rid of that stereotype.
The bottom line in all of this is to listen attentively. Actually take in what you are discussing and what is being discussed. It’s easier said than done and takes practice, but mastering this will help you in not only your romantic relationships, but also other relationships that you already have. Understanding what’s being said requires that you actually listen to the meaning behind the statements. The emotions and body language that are used to express are just as important as the words being said. Paying attention to these signals will help you to improve you relationship!

LISTENINGLet’s talk about relationships when you visit me at Goldwiser! I’m here Monday through Saturday 10am to 7pm and I’m located at 24910 Kuykendahl Rd., Tomball, TX 77375. Stop by today and just ask for Gina!


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