Everyone wants to know “How did you do it?” and while you’re composing a mental commencement speech of sorts to describe the journey you’ve been on, the bottom line is, it was rough! While there are a few sprinkled amongst us that inherited their way into position and success, may more aren’t as “lucky”.

maxresdefault-1The cliché answer is that it took a lot of hard work and dedication, sleepless nights and absolutely no social life, but that is just a fragment of the real story. What it really took was having a drive and knowing exactly where you wanted your destination to be. When talking to successful people about what they dreamed of or wanted “to be” when they grew up, most have a similar answer; they wanted to be successful!


Successful tried and failed at many things that they tried and never gave up. In many, if not most cases, even when they found success in something they were doing, it was not enough sustain them. Their drive propelled them to the next level of success. They diversified their pathways to success by not being fixated on one path, but rather on a plethora of pathways. They will also tell you the truth of why some things were more successful than others. The failures that they experienced were lessons for them and failures that they not only scrutinized over but also refused to repeat.

qualities-of-successful-people-quoteSuccessful people seem to be a little more clear-eyed with analyzing the reasons for a failure rather than to go into damage control like so many of us do. While they may be remedying the immediate concerns, they are also discovering why the failure happened. Letting a project fail is sometimes what they are trying to achieve. By allowing the project or business venture fail, it allows them to deconstruct and pin-point the reasons for the failure.

successWhile most of us don’t want to fail, there are successful people that will put situations into great stress to determine just how far it can be taken. This form of risk taking is exactly what makes the rest of us extremely nervous, but it’s what drives them!

habits-of-successful-people-1Why not dive in? Let’s talk about it and practice our listening skills! I can be found at Goldwiser located at 24910 Kuykendahl Rd., Tomball, TX 77375 and I’m here Monday through Saturday 10am to 7pm. Just ask for Gina!



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