Comforting-FriendIt hurts when you see someone that you care about in pain. Sometimes it is so hard to avoid saying “I told you so” especially when if they only would have listened to you, the terrible thing that they went through would not have happened. Now, we can all ‘call it as we see it’ or “Monday Morning Quarterback” after the fact, but sometimes being able to trust someone with solid experience can be very helpful to you.

horse dog

Many times it’s like a movie that they have seen many times and can recognize the scenes and maybe even what the next “line” is. It may even stem from a deep experience that they personally had and they just want to help you to avoid it. The friends that are honest with you are very rare because let’s face it, no one wants to be a Debbie Downer, nobody can tell the future and maybe there is a piece that they are missing that will just invalidate the opinion that they have that only you may have. After all, it is just an opinion, right?

The Poison Seeps In

poisonousPeople that are poisonous will be hard to recognize if you are being hurt by them, but your true friends are able to recognize it. They will tell you, but it is really hard to hear. True friends are not telling you about these things that they recognize because they enjoy it, but rather that they recognize it. Some people are insecure and jealous and will say anything that they feel will hurt you in some way. Let’s be really clear about those kinds of people, they really should not be in your life anyway. They are poisonous to you and will always attempt to derail you as long as you let them. You let them hurt and continue to hurt you by keeping them in your life; period.



I really am sorry to be so black and white about this, but once you realize what you are dealing with it is better to cut it out of your life rather than allowing it to fester even longer. You know, rip the band-aide off. Yes, it will hurt for a while but you will be so much better in the long run for doing it that way.


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