Make Successful New Year’s Resolutions

How many of us are determined to make New Year’s resolutions and then we lose steam after the first couple of weeks into the New Year? Since numerous studies have found that...

Can You Handle the Consequences?

ALL ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES Everything we think and say and do has consequences for us and for others. Like ripples on a pond our actions spread out and affect others because everything is interconnected. And, we need to remember that our actions are irreversible. We can’t always foresee all the consequences of our actions and … Continue reading Can You Handle the Consequences?

Let’s Breathe It Out, Together

Work, relationships, illness and money problems are common reasons for stress, but this election cycle takes the cake! Let's take the mysticism out of de-stressing. Stress is the feeling of being put under too much mental or emotional pressure and is an unavoidable part of life, but dealing with it is possible. Although the cause … Continue reading Let’s Breathe It Out, Together