I have watched in horror and disgust over the last few weeks how there has been a viciousness about who someone voted for. What is most surprising is that it is not coming from the usual complainants or accusers, but rather the ones that said that they held the moral high ground. Remember at the DNC convention, when Mrs. Obama said and I quote “When they go low, we go high.” Beautiful words, but it seems that many are actively choosing to ignore them and are determined to be the bottom dwellers.


I have watched friends receive death threats and be called every name and vulgarity under the sun with a mob mentality that is nothing short of frightening. I have seen these so called friends set up petition like posts to encourage others to get involved with their own scourge.  These same friends were once held in high regard with the ones that they are now mass shooting arrows at from all directions.

landscape-1443633238-upload-4What this has demonstrated to me is that, and why I’m an independent thinker, is that no matter what anyone claims or says, people say and do bad things to others when they feel threatened in some way, perceived or otherwise. Nothing has actually happened to any of these arrow throwers, but they are behaving as though there is an existential threat to their lives being perpetrated on them by anyone who opposes their point of view or agenda. Meaning; if you dare voted for Trump or third party, then you hate everyone, including yourself and deserve to suffer from a horrible and protracted illness after everyone else that you have ever known or loved has done the same. Yes, they are that vicious!

There certainly is a populous movement taking place in this country and around the world, but if it’s not their “utopia” you’re dead to them and they will tell you as much but not before making sure that you and anyone that may be associated to you just how awful you are.

They are certainly NOT going high at all!



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