How many of us are determined to make New Year’s resolutions and then we lose steam after the first couple of weeks into the New Year? Since numerous studies have found that it takes approximately 21 days for a habit to form, getting through that period will be the hardest part for most of us to achieve. Discovering some new ways to challenge yourself and cement your new habit or resolution will make it a fun game that you can play!

Make it a Group Event

better-lifeWhen you have like-minded people around you, it helps to keep each other accountable. The point though is to be supportive of each other. No bullying or condescension should be allowed in this circle. These should be people that are encouraging but that will not allow you to slip. Look, ultimately it is your resolution not theirs. Using them as a support group is fine but expecting them to do the hard work for you is simply unacceptable. It is great that you have people around you that are willing to be cheerleaders for you, but nothing more should be expected.

Crossing the Finish Line

finish-line-hang-in-there-300x300Once you have gotten past the 21 day point the rest should be easy. You can still lean on your support group from time to time but at this point it is all on you! At the 21 day point, it should be an automatic response. If your resolution is to lose weight then you would have change your food patterns and experimented with different types of foods. Who knows? You may have found that you like more than you thought that you did! Maybe you started an exercise program or signed up for a gym membership to assist you. Just keep in mind; no matter what your goals are you will not achieve them if you do not stick to your plan.


My resolution for the New Year is simple! I want to get to know many more people than I did this year and here’s how you can help me with that goal. Come visit me at Goldwiser! I am located at 24910 Kuykendahl Rd., Tomball, TX 77375 and I am open Monday through Saturday for 10 am to 7 pm. bring a friend when you visit and help me with my New Year’s resolution!


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