Know Your Worth

A father said to his daughter "You just graduated, this is a car I bought a while ago... It is a few years old. But before I give it to you, take it to a car dealer in the city and sell it , see how much they offer.”

What a Pumpkin Can Say About You

As a child, I really was never a big fan of church. I never got the whole point of it other than to socialize with other like-minded people. As I got older and understood things clearer, I came to rather enjoy the sermons and their story formats. Some stories were more striking than others but … Continue reading What a Pumpkin Can Say About You

Let’s Talk About Guns

When you observe the safest states in America you will find they generally have the most open gun laws in the entire country. On the other end of the spectrum the states with the strictest guns laws in place tend to rank the highest in national crime statistics. Is this a coincidence?