funny-crazy-peopleWe all have that crazy uncle or aunt that you avoid certain topics of discussion because of the reactions that they have. It seems now that we encourage, not only the crazy aunt or uncle, but we give them a platform to say whatever’s on their mind at the moment.

crazy familyI’m all for free speech, but do we have to always fight with each other? Can’t we try to listen to other points of view? Will you get offended? Maybe, but who cares! It’s a learning opportunity not only for you but for everyone involved

EmpathyWe are teaching the youth that it’s ok to shout people down, attack them both verbally and even physically, deride their appearance while at the same time saying not to do just that. It’s either wrong or it’s not but it can’t be because I disagree with you so I can attack you. We are bringing up a generation that is offended and has their feelings hurt so easily that I fear for the future of the civilized world. Seriously!

First-World-ProblemsI often hear about “first world problems” but this will become everyone’s problem if we cannot teach the youth to communicate with each other and continue to do a poor job ourselves. If I disagree with you, it would be a good learning exercise for me to discover where the differences lie and how common ground can be reached. When everyone is so preoccupied with the disagreeing of each other, nothing else gets done. Sure, you can walk and chew gum at the same time, right, but can you do it well without tripping?

opposingI don’t mind having an opposing discussion; it’s actually stimulating to me. It makes me think in ways that may have made me uncomfortable in the past. It challenges my weaknesses and strengths. It teaches me to have empathy for others, which for me is huge! We all have to get together to solve the problems of the world, because we are the ones that have to!

loveAs cliché as it may sound, we really have to love each other. The good, the bad and the ugly. Without love, we all just simply die inside. Live!



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