It starts with accepting responsibility for the choices that you have made that got you to this point. Not only that, but also recognizing that you are not innocent in the equation. Now, for better or for worse, recognizing those decisions and the consequences of them is a vital part of learning. Life hacks are great when you’re shown them, but when you have to create the “aha” moment for yourself, it may not be so easy. Tracing back to when your tide had changed, is one of those moments.

It’s always easy to place the blame on someone else and while there may be some shared responsibility to go around, owning up to your own placement in the set of actions is not only mandatory but a most important step. Most people have no problem whatsoever accepting the praise when the resulting consequence is positive. It’s the negative consequences that we have to recognize and also being gracious with any praise you may receive. If you were a part of a team, sharing the “win” is even more essential for the team’s morale.

Listen, if we were all perfect the world would be a much different place, quite frankly, a very boring place. Things would be done out of necessity rather than the desire to be successful. Things would be very antiseptic. There’d be no emotion because when you gauge the world in a dual shade of black and white, there are no other shades. It would be a robotic type of environment. So be thankful that we are the way we are, however, learn from your surroundings and experiences. Pay attention to the small details. I know how challenging that can be, but this is how we grow as individuals and better humans generally.

I can’t walk in your footsteps nor could you in mine, but we all have to do a much better job at recognizing these small events and talking to each other. The atmosphere both online and in person in some cases, has become so toxic that we blind ourselves to reason. We have to get back to teamwork, trace our steps and communicate effectively to others. Take responsibility for your actions and decisions; congratulate or thank your team members, but please, stop playing the victim. It’s very tiresome on everyone involved.

Life doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it for ourselves. Let’s discuss this further when you bring in your old gold and silver jewelry to Goldwiser. I am located at 24910 Kuykendahl Rd., Tomball, TX 77375 and open Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm.


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