We can’t talk to each other anymore and it’s so very sad to be a witness to it. We’ve always had differences of opinions, but now those differences can make you lose your job, your wealth, your standing in the community, even your family and friends. How did we get here? Where did this intense division come from? It’s so very easy to blame this president or that president, but the truth is, we have always been a much divided nation. The difference now is that people are being silenced for having those differing views instead allowing the discussion to take place. We’ve had speakers silenced on both sides which cause each side to stay in their corners. If someone dares to enter the ring with the opposing point of view then riots and protests break out. How is it even possible that a bastion of free speech was actually one of the places where free speech was completely shut down?

We have to allow the discussions to take place regardless of whether you agree or disagree with the speaker. If we continue to isolate ourselves and surround ourselves with people that only agree with us, then this will only escalate further. Possibly into another civil war! That’s not hyperbole either. The level of emotion, namely anger in the country is intense. When you step back and look at the entire world, it’s everywhere! People are killing and dying for what they believe to be true without considering the other side. How can we stop this when we all have forgotten to do the most important things as humans: speak and listen?

Let’s also not be so naïve to believe that this unprecedented because this has been happening for millennia’s. No, it’s not happening because the planet’s temperatures are changing slightly. That’s been going on for billions of years. To some extent we contribute to it, but with over seven billion people in the world, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. The fact of the matter is that we are a very violent species. You can dress that up anyway that you’d like but we kill to live. Whether it is animals, plants and in some remote cases, other people, we all kill. Period! Animals kill each other, plants kill each, and we kill each other.

Knowing how we are instinctively quick to react, it also shouldn’t be surprising that we also choose not to speak up and out when something is wrong or when we disagree. We have to stop shouting past each other and listen to why so many of us are pained by what we’re witnessing. It’s not a president that is causing this, but rather the side that feels vindicated is not even trying to listen to the other side because that is exactly how they were treated during the previous presidencies. Can a president, a queen, a king or anyone right the ship? If they are not willing to do some listening of their own, then the short and painful answer is no. This has snowballed in to something that if not changed soon, may be too difficult to stop without dire consequences.

Try taking the emotion out of the conversation before engaging in it and keep it in check throughout. Engage in debate from a position of facts and known truths, rather than opinion and speculation. Agree to rules of engagement even if only internally and don’t allow yourself to lose control over those emotions. While emotion can symbolize how committed you are to your position, it can also demonstrate your weakness towards that same position. Let’s please all try to open up a dialogue with each other even if we vehemently disagree. I’d like for us all to know they why behind our emotion, before we display it.

Let’s discuss at Goldwiser! I’m located at 24910 Kuykendahl Rd., Tomball, TX 77375 and open Monday through Saturday 10 am to 7 pm. Let’s keep our emotions at the door and discuss whatever you’d like to discuss! Just ask for Gina!


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