How many times have you gone into work or school knowing very well that it wasn’t in your best interest to do so? Today is one of those days. After being up all night hanging out around the porcelain goddess of ridicule, I made myself go to work. What a day it will be! My challenge since I have accepted it is to not let on to the outside world just how awful I feel. Those that know me may see though me façade, but I’ll just try to stay strong and get through it.

It would be one thing if I had done this to myself by drinking or some other indulgence, but no, I just have the misfortune of getting some bug that decided to attack me at 2 in the morning! When I get my hands on this bug he won’t be able to bother anyone else! Ha ha, tough talk coming from this girl, but man this bug has to just die…right now!

So I figure if I just stick to Sprite and crackers today, I should make it through with the periodic pit stop to visit the goddess. My only hope is that this urge doesn’t rear up while I’m attempting to assist a customer.  Not only would that be horrible for my customer, but absolutely embarrassing to me! Sure, they’ll most likely be understanding but inside they’d be thinking that I would have been better off at home. Can’t argue with that logic one bit, but I am the only person to open and close my store and I can’t just close it for the day. It’s like sweeps week every day at work, so one day can be a determining factor. Yes, it is like that!

Hopefully, my visits to the Goddess will be limited and I will finish out my day with a smile on my face! Wish me luck with that!

No teasing, but you can come visit me at Goldwiser with your old, broken and unwanted jewelry. I’m here Monday through Saturday 10 am to 7 pm and my store is located at 24910 Kuykendahl Rd., Tomball, TX 77375. Make feel better by letting me help you to feel better! See you soon! Bring some OJ too, please 😉


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