fear-obstaclesFear breeds many reactions from people that are not immediately understood. This discussion is not about mental illness, but rather understanding everyday anxiety and fear. Many of these reactions are not rational and are not rooted in any substantial evidence but more so rooted in fear of the unknown. It is easy to fear what we do not know or do not understand but that does nothing to help people to understand and to cope with what they are experiencing. Have you ever told yourself that “you just have this feeling”? Questioning what the feeling is may actually help you to better understand what you are experiencing. When questioning yourself just ask “are these feelings or thoughts rooted in reality?”

confidence_fear_quote-editMany times when you just have these feelings it comes from a long forgotten fear of a past event. The event may not even be that far back in your history. Maybe you experienced something like a car accident on a specific road that causes you to have flashbacks of the incident when you pass through the intersection. Maybe it is a smell that may be easy for you to recognize or detect but not those around you. In these cases it is your personal experience that is causing you to have “that feeling’.


Since we are and have personally experienced these events, it becomes easy to project those thoughts and fears onto other people around you. There is a saying that states that “history repeats itself” but I contend that “history rhymes, not repeats”. Recognizing the fear that you may have, could potentially be stopping you from being successful or at the minimum, moving ahead, is the first step in recognizing the fear that you may have is very manageable.

Following these few steps can help you discover and recover from your fears.

1. Recognize the origin of the fear.
2. Understand why you have the feelings that you do.
3. Overcome the fear by talking or even acting it out.
4. Accept the fear for what it is in reality.
5. Challenge yourself to conquer it!

With practice, recognition and determination you can get past your fears and learn why you are anxious about them.

Do you want to talk it out? Visit me at Goldwiser. I’m located at 24910 Kuykendahl Rd., Tomball, TX 77375. I’m open Monday through Saturday 10 am to 7 pm. Sometimes all we need is someone to bounce our thoughts and ideas off of. I can be that person for you!


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