Resolving a disagreement can be easy or difficult depending upon how entrenched each side is with their arguments. Establishing a dialog is the most important step towards resolution and is usually the most difficult especially if harsh words or actions have already been exchanged. Acknowledging the disagreement is much better than avoidance, so that is the best place to start. Apologizing goes a long way to smooth out the ripples that may have already been generated and is also very humbling to do. When both sides can admit that they both have some error in the discussion or event, progress will usually follow.

Finding a mediator can also be helpful in these resolutions. The moderator must be a neutral third party with no interest in the outcome. Any bias will backfire and fail. If there are any biases this can also make the parties feel like they are being bullied, attacked or pressured into submission instead of a genuine discussion. Understand that the goal is not to necessarily allow both sides to come out winners, but rather an intellectual discussion of the merits of each side. In most cases, both sides cannot be right but finessing the discussing with facts will make each side feel accomplished and satisfied.

If the disagreement is more about philosophies than procedures, this area is where you will most likely disagree. This may continue even after this process has been concluded. While some procedures are non-negotiable, demonstrating and allowing the freedom to be able to do try out others is an important factor. Each of us will have different approaches to doing the same thing and they can all work. However, some will undoubtedly work better than others. Recognizing that can lead to the resolution of the original disagreement by simply recognizing the differences and why certain ones work better than others.

Conflict resolution is one of the most difficult to actually resolve without someone feeling beaten afterwards. But, allowing some give and take and a lot of discussion can lead to a more harmonious relationship.

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