With all of the rancor and vitriol this election season has received and is still receiving, there is one thing to consider; the holidays are quickly approaching. Thanksgiving is just a few short weeks away (November 24th to be exact) and that means that there will be family get togethers, both big and small. Instead of discussing politics, why not focus on being grateful for the little things in life. Some of us have had personal struggles completely unrelated to the politics of the day. Maybe you’ve had health problems that give you more reason than ever to be thankful that you made it to another Thanksgiving. Maybe you’ve suffered a loss that being around your friends and family can give comfort to you. There are always things that we can spend our time complaining about but why not focus on what it means to be truly thankful this year. This is me pleading here!




We all have those friends that will gloat or brag about things that are simply not as important as life or death. Really… no they are not. What I think we’ll be talking about on Thanksgiving is going to be the parade and football! As far as the parade, does anyone really watch that anymore? But as for football, we have 3 games to look forward to. Vikings vs Lions starting at 11:30 am. Redskins vs Cowboys starting at 3:30 pm and Steelers vs Colts starting at 7:30 pm. The guys will be yelling at the television while we girls will be scattered about cooking, playing with the younger children and sipping on wine.



Life will always have uncertainty in it and how you approach and handle it will determine how your future will turn out. Let’s have a happy Turkey Day and remember, leave your politics at the door.


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