This time next week we should be all stuffed with great food, enjoying great company and watching the games. So, while most will be having turkey or ham, (mmmm yummy!) and a variety of sides, today I want to focus on the best part; dessert!



Not sure about you, but I love cheesecake! My friends and family know all about how I not only love cheesecake, but I make them also! Each year, I seriously make dozens of these yummy cakes and each year I try to make one that is more unusual than the last ones. Last year’s experiment was a peppermint, white chocolate, caramel crunch cheesecake and it was actually green!


After the hectic and very eventful year we have all had, coming up with something inspiring, at least for a cheesecake, is hard! Should it be a patriotic red, white and blue? Should it have light pastels symbolizing tranquility? Or maybe just plain so that it doesn’t feel obligated to send a message? Why does everything have to be or have an underlying message? Can’t a cheesecake just be a yummy dessert?

Regardless of the decorations I choose for it, above all, it has to be yummy! I have not quite decided what type of flavors I want for the cheesecake. There is usually some form of either chocolate or caramel; sometimes both and then there is some other strong flavor added to the mix. With a week to go, I am at a loss. I know that there will be some plains ones: there always are. There will also be some fruit ones, too. Some people just like their fruit filled or topped cheesecakes.


While I am trying to come up with something creative to do with my cheesecakes this year, ideas are always helpful. 😉

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