Sarcasm is one of these wonderful things that are thrust upon us each day by people too lazy or afraid to say what they really think; all the while thinking that they’re just that smart as to no one would be the wiser. Amazingly, these people are functioning individuals, for the most part, and interact with the general public all the time! How ironic it is that when the tables are turned, they don’t like the tone of your delivery or the structure of your method or maybe, it just stung them harder than they would like to believe and/or accept?

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Maybe I’m getting too sensitive in my old age and I pick up on every little thing at times, btw, I’m really trying not to bite anyone’s head off just yet, but somethings are too obvious to ignore. You don’t like something about me? Great! Tell what me the heck it is instead of doing the chicken dance around it! Have something uncomfortable to say? Just spit it out! If I take offense to it, it is my choosing to take offense to it, not your intent to offend. Some people are really hard at using the “right” words. The phrase “nothing personal” should mean nothing personal. That means, to me, if it involves my body, then that’s personal and honestly, none of your business!


You see, we have a choice to take offense or not. You can be proud of something that you’ve worked on or created, but most certainly, not everyone will have your vision!

Think about that, like I did, before you escalate a situation that doesn’t have to be solely because you’re offended! It is you when you get offended.



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