With everything that’s been going on in this election cycle, two trains of thought begin to emerge. Either you don’t care about the truth or you are ignorant to it. If it’s the latter, please educate yourself before even considering voting this year. I feel like this cycle has been nothing more than a giant game of gotcha and we all are the suckers. How can it possibly be that the two most unliked, dare I say despised, individuals are leading the Democratic and Republican parties? They both are saying things for their political expedience rather than for their sincerely held beliefs. They both have flipped and flopped on numerous positions. They both are making promises that they cannot reasonably fulfill. They both make me sick to my stomach and fearful for the future.


I know we all have heard the numerous celebrities’ state how they will flee to another country if one of these two are elected. We’ve even had some of our friends make the same statements. Heck, you may have even considered it. I know I sure have! You see, what’s driving this chatter is the fear of the unknown and what your friends, neighbors and family members may be filling your head with.


Will things get worse if either one of these two are elected? Hell, I don’t know but let’s take a look at this. Clinton stands for the status quo and the establishment. No matter how you try to spin that, that is exactly what she’s all about and she’s not very good at it. We won’t discuss what Trump stands for because he stands for whatever he feels like standing on the day he says it. Heck, he may change his mind within the course of a debate like we’ve already seen him do.

I do want to be clear about something, I despise both of these candidates and will not vote for either one of them, but that being said, which of the remaining candidates, from both sides, have the mojo to stop either one of them? Sanders is the only one remaining on the Democratic side that has a chance of stopping Clinton, but is the country really ready to go socialist? When you look at his economic plan, you can see how he will pay for all of these bells and whistles for the people, but what is not taken into consideration in his analysis are the losses that the economy will also take because of all the increases in taxes for everyone, not just the “millionaires and billionaires”.

On the Republican side, you still have three additional candidates; Rubio, Cruz and Kasich. Of them, Cruz leads with the most number of awarded delegates. Why the two remaining candidates are still in the race is for nothing more than jockeying for a seat at the table. Sounds a lot like establishment to me! Cruz and Sanders, stay with me are, not that far apart in principle. They both are despised by the establishment. They, generally speaking, have stuck by what they have said in the past. Sanders has taken hard votes against the Democratic Party as has Cruz against the Republican Party, but as for similarities, it stops there.


These two men have very different ideas for the direction in which the country should be going in and for that reason, they should be the ones put up for the country to vote on.

Keep in mind,


and I don’t think we’ve seen this show before!


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