I think he may have overplayed his hand this time around. Debates are not held for cable tv and networks to get “ratings” but are held so that the American people can get to know the candidates that we will elect in November. There are always going to be questions that frankly, no politician will like but it is the journalist and the candidate’s responsibility to answer them honestly and accurately. Honestly and accurately? I believe that Donald Trump hasn’t done either and when he’s called out on it, he throws a temper tantrum and calls people names. Last I checked the minimum age to run for president of these United States of America was 35, not 2!


His supporters, as many as there are, aren’t looking at his past record but are rather believing whatever this man dribbles out of his mouth. I understand, completely, that there are many in the country that are angry and incredibly disappointed in the direct the country is going in, how their lives have not improved by the actions and policies of current president and that they’ve been completely lied to, repeatedly by every politician. They want the message to be sent loud and clear that they’re fed up and don’t want any of them anymore.


If you think that this is a republican problem only, think again. On the democratic side you have Bernie Sanders who is a self-proclaimed socialist and I can promise that many of his supporters have no idea what that is. The differences between the two are very different. Trump says whatever he believes even when the facts don’t support it, where Sanders is really a single issue candidate that has been firm in his beliefs his entire adult life. Trump is all over the place, seriously, as much as he’s “evolved” he should be a new species of life by now!


Bottom line, these debates are to help the candidates get more exposure but they’re primarily for the American people. If Trump can’t understand the concept, then he’s interviewing for the wrong job. He does know that this is a job interview, right?


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