I don’t know about you but I’m not feeling the restart of the classic X-Files. It’s to be expected since the show had a great run. I know it’s just begun but the chemistry just seems lacking with all of the characters, not just the main ones. Some background: you see, I loved this show! Watched it all the time. Saw both movies. Felt like the story really wasn’t finished yet, so when I heard that it was coming back; I was one very happy camper!


In the opening, there’s just an abruptness about it almost like the story line had been rushed. I don’t blame that on the characters but what the heck is up with Chris Carter (the creator, for those that don’t know)? Not sure if he needed some cash or what but this is not the way I want to remember the show when it ends again in just a few more episodes. The trial balloon should not have been sent up for this. Maybe they should have done webisodes, don’t know, but I almost don’t want to see any more in fear that they will thoroughly destroy my good memories of the show’s past life.


I just hope that when it’s sent off this time that there will not be any return. No spin offs. No movies. Just let it ride off into the sunset, please!



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