No, this isn’t another “me too” story. It’s an OMG, I’m so over the nonsense that is called news media! Unless it’s something that is breaking, like someone attempting to ram the security perimeter at NSA’s headquarters in Maryland or another, horrible school shooting, every single channel is filled with nothing but a lot of speculation, devoid of fact and drooling to either support or tear down the current administration. I love politics, but this has gotten so bad that I can’t bring myself to watch it anymore. Listen, I have no care about who you voted for in 2016, really, none! The fact of the matter is this is who we have as the 45th President of the United States. Whether you love him or hate him, Donald J. Trump is the president (I still can’t get over that fact). No, I’m not crying about him being in office, honestly I’m not crying about it at all. You can read into that as you like, but there has never been any president in my lifetime that I agreed with 100 percent of the time and I don’t expect that there ever will be.

turn tv offThe media’s responsibility to all of us is to report the facts, based on facts, not speculation, unnamed sources or the guy hiding in the bushes: I see you! The outward contempt that some hosts (they’re not reporters or journalists) have while they “report” and the outward love fest the others have should show to all of us that we’re not being told the truth about a lot of things. When you have these apparent adversaries at each other’s throats vying for your clicks and views, they will do, say or write just about anything to sensationalize a story. It’s all about the money!

The press is actually mentioned in our constitution for our protection and benefit, but I feel as though they have done nothing more than engage in tabloid trash and hurting their credibility, what little remains, in the interim. After this president is no longer in office, no matter how long from now that is, someone else will occupy the White House and deal with the same blatantly bias media. I want fair and honest reporters, not ones that you can hear the glee or distain in their voices when they’re reporting something that fits their narratives. We are being fed these narratives every day and most people aren’t taking the time to actually see past the storyline and into the heart of the matter. Heck, even our elected officials are playing their part to the cameras on C-Span!

Don’t think that this is a new concept, because it’s not. This has been going on for a long time. With the rabid speed of social media, the race to be first instead of right and the incessant pursuit of clicks, we are collectively being misled by the very group of individuals that are supposed to be protecting us with the truth. We also have someone in the White House that appears to have an allergy to the truth and quite a bad one at that. I want our media to be fair and honest. I don’t want them to be cheerleaders for one side or the other. I don’t want your “personality” in my news; I want non-bias news.

I’m hopeful that we can get back to honest reporting but until then; we have to investigate the stories ourselves to find out the truth behind the clickbait headline.


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