Donation to American Red Cross

Please help raise money for the thousands of people affected by Hurricane Harvey.


It’s been a very rough few days for the majority of us, the rains have finally ceased but we all know that we have a long road ahead of us. If you were just scared of the idea that you could have flooded, please get over it. Seriously, we all were terrified that we could flood, but the fact of the matter is that while some of us were the lucky ones, thousands of friends, family and neighbors were not so lucky. Thousands have been displaced and are now in shelters not knowing what to do now. That is truly a terrifying thought!


There are so many people that need help that it may seem overwhelming. For those that just lost everything, it is, especially those with children. So many stories have been told about the survival and deaths of the most vulnerable amongst us. It’s impacted the hearts of so many in the world so many ways that people just watching the news want to do something. Imagine that some of these people were flooded like this just last year!


This storm has showed the best in human nature but it has also brought out the ugly. Looting has been occurring. If caught and upon conviction, they will receive some of the harshest sentences of up to 20 years for the first offense. You have to have an especially dark heart and soul to cause further harm to someone that is already suffering immensely. I hope each and every one of you losers is caught and the keys are thrown away.

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How you can help!

There are many charities that do excellent work, but before donating to any of them, do a couple of quick searches. Charity Navigator and Charity Watch are excellent resources for you to investigate how the money you’ll be donating will be appropriated. There are many memes going around with many false claims, so the only way you can insure that you are taking every precaution, is to do your homework.

Hurricane Harvey maybe out of the Houston area now, but that storm is not finished yet. We’ll come out of this better than before in many cases, but others will not. Please, seriously consider donating money or your time during this crisis.


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