A mother’s love is given freely and without condition, which is why we should honor them every day, not just one day each year on a calendar. A mother makes choices; some would say sacrifices, which may not be in her best interest, but will be in the best interest of her children. To a mother, her children come before everything and everyone else. Some will argue the validity of that statement especially with the increase of some mothers doing horrific things to their children, but the overwhelming majority of mothers are just as horrified, saddened and confused as to how anyone could do that to a child.

A mother is there for her children. She is there to listen to them, nurture them, raise them to be productive and fruitful members of society, but most of all, love them unconditionally. It is true that a woman alone cannot have a child, only a mother can experience what it feels like to have a child growing inside of her. No matter what technology comes up with, that bond can never be replicated. Even though adoptive parents will love their children with the same intensity, unless they have actually given birth, only their imagination would be able to replicate what it must feel like.

There are stories about how beautiful the whole process is and there are horror stories about how awful it is, but the truth of the matter is, that it is each individual’s experience that brings their story to life. A mother grows into her role; she isn’t born with it. It starts in the beginning with the discovery that she will be a mother and over those first few months she goes through many phases. Some many equate them to a roller coaster ride; high highs and low lows, but one thing is certain, the ride into motherhood never ends.

A mother’s love is given to her children, for the rest of her life and beyond. She should always be honored and most certainly respected for the miracle of life that is you!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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