Trying to find a news outlet that only reports the news, appears to be an obsolete idea and extremely out of fashion. I would like for a new channel to be created that forgoes the commentary and spends its time only reporting the news as it is and without their biases or opinion. There has been for many years, the mainstream media and the wings of media; both left and right. The center has traditionally associated with one side more than the other, but they are not being well represented right now. Moderates and independents are real. Maybe I’ve just become wiser to what is being reported and the language being used than I was before, but it’s become very difficult to watch any of it.


The snarkiness is on full blast with just about all the programming with a very few exceptions that I will not even entertain mentioning here. The divisiveness, no matter what your positions are or whom you voted for is currently at a level that I don’t ever remember seeing before. Seriously! And, it’s most unfortunate for all of us normal civilians. There has always been this side and that side attitudes across the nation, as I’m sure most of us have had to deal with but honestly, it really does feel so much different this time. We are being manipulated on an extremely large scale!


I’m old enough to have lived through multiples of both democrat and republican administrations, not a big surprise there, but I’m also old enough to recognize the shift that’s been taking place in the country. The silencing of individuals that have differing opinions and points of view is actually a very dangerous direction for this country to be heading in. The First Amendment isn’t “optional” it is the right of all of us! When you have multiple universities and college preventing contrarian ideas to be heard, you are causing great harm to the student body! University is the place where contrarian ideas should be debated.  We’ll have to discuss this trend another time!


Going back to the media, I think to myself as I watch it, what happened to your civility, honesty and true journalism? Some of the programming that I consume is so condescending that I’d rather flip the channel to a commercial than listen to what’s being said. There’s no longer even the attempt to disguise their biases or disdain for their guest. No one is becoming informed about the real life events that are rapidly occurring. We are being infused with opinion and speculation which is very, very far from the facts!

So, I am going to try something new. People like to consume their news on television, game consoles, cell phones and on social media sites. If I were to create an “only the facts” station where it can be watched at different times of the day in different parts of the world, would that interest you? I haven’t come up with a genuine name for the channel yet but so far I’ve got “Just the Facts Without the Snark”. These will be regular reporters that aren’t camera shy and are only interested in reporting what has actually happened rather than what they think happened.

Maybe I’m just a little sensitive to all of this, but I know for a fact, that I’m thoroughly disgusted with them all! BTW, I know that there are a couple that are fair but the accessibility is limited. Tell me what you think about this idea and if you’d turn in!



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