Flag_Map_of_the_United_States_1912_-_1959I think some of us forget that we are all a part of the human race and reside in this great country. Now, that does not mean that we have to agree all of the time, that would be boring, but we should be civil with each other. I have spent the last few months watching friends and family tip toe around issues because of how volatile they have become. The misunderstandings of some choices have led to very corrosive conclusions and assumptions, regardless if there is any truth in the result.

usOur country is being destroyed by ourselves; our own anger, disappointment, fear, jubilation and excitement.  You can almost feel the rumbles of the next great civil conflict. It is almost as though no one wants to recognize that we have serious disagreements with each other and instead of trying to understand what they are, there has been a profound amount of gloating and temper tantrums.
digital-bridgeWhen you come to a cliff and need to get to the other side, you have a limited amount of choices for what you can do to achieve that.

  • You can go around the problem which does not solve the problem. While this may solve your immediate obstacle, the problem remains for those that follow behind you.
  • You can give up and decide that it is not worth even thinking about what to do about the problem; even sabotaging those that follow. In other words, retreat into your bubble and set traps for others.
  • Or, you can build a bridge. This will not only solve your problem, but if will create the solution for those that follow behind you.


We, as a nation have been focusing on ourselves and how only we feel. We are not even attempting to understand why people made the choices that they did. Why should we? Isn’t it so much easier to point fingers, name call and attack those that have concerns that differ from yours? We are not all the same. We don’t all live the same lives. But we all have the same basic needs. Should we not be at least attempting to understand the reason for the temperature in the country?
bridgeThere’s no one simple answer and to think that there is, is too simplistic. There’s something much deeper going on in our country when millions of us could vote for people that were so questionable, that in any other time would have been eliminated during the primaries. I hope that we are able to figure out the true reasons why people chose the way that they did. Simple points of view are just like choosing to give up or possibly sabotaging others. We all live in this country and should be working together to make it the best that it can be. Nothing will be discovered without talking to those that differ from you!

Want to discuss this with me? Comment or visit me at 24910 Kuykendahl Rd., Tomball, TX 77375 at Goldwiser. I’m available Tuesday through Saturday 10 am to 7 pm. Let’s talk it out!


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