The pandering and the name calling have surpassed the headache level for many in this country and yet it appears as though none of the presidential candidates even care to hear what the people have to say about it. When some have been confronted, they have been met with members of their campaigns escorting them out of a venue because it’s “disruptive” or “rude”. Of course it’s disruptive! These candidates can’t seem to even give a direct, clear and precise answer on anything, so when they are confronted, they don’t answer the question, they get rid of the question.

People on both sides (the followers) don’t seem to care about the real issues with their candidates. How a loud mouthed bully can be leading the one side and a Machiavellian candidate on the other. It’s sad that either people don’t want to judge them based on their histories or that they have some sense that these candidates speak for them. The truth of the matter is that neither of the two front-runners cares about the public in general. They care about power and what it can do for them, not about genuinely helping those less fortunate in our society, those that society has, at the minimum, slighted or society at all, for that matter!

Voters are not looking at the record that is responsible for the increased incarcerations and divorce rates for those in the Black and Latino communities. The way one employed illegal immigrants and applied for numerous HB1 Visa’s to help build his empire instead of hiring Americans to do those jobs. What I see coming from these two front-runners is nothing more than hypocrisy on a scale that threatens our republic and should disqualify both of them!

What I hear however is how if either one of them become the nominee, that the D’s and the R’s will still vote for their party just to keep the other side from winning. This is what our election process has come to. Not looking for the best candidate, but rather choosing the lesser of two evils! Like the headline says: The headache is real!



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