I’ll start by saying that Christmas was as perfect as it could be! Not too busy or loud and filled with nothing but love! It’s the warm and fuzzy feeling you get when your heart just fills with love and joy. The conversations that were had demonstrated just how much we had all grown in just the last year and sometimes fail to realize because we’re either too close, too busy or just aren’t paying attention. Funny how it works that way!


There were moments that passed that only could make sense through an explaination that we four could understand. It was clear that people were missed but they made their presence known clearly to us and that, to me, was beautiful! It allowed all of us to speak openly without the sadness and sorrow that would usually accompany more serious discussions. Yet this was affirmation that they are always there, make their presence known and show us things that we can easily see and feel.


Yes, it was that kind of holiday for us. For me, it reminded me of the scence in Ghost at the very end when Patrick Swayze is going into the light. That depiction is perfect with one exception; they weren’t leaving us, only allowing us to know that they’re there, always!


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