day-after-tomorrow-Wait…winter didn’t actually come? Oh silly Houstonians, winter is for people north of us, but it is colder than it usually is this time of year. It is the perfect weather for yummy sweaters and jackets! I wonder how many of you had to get the fireplace going. I, for one, will say that the idea was tempting. Having the lights lowered and having a warm, raging, crackling fire going in the den just sounded so wintery to me.


large fireplaceAs of today, it looks and feels like the “Arctic Blast” will end and no snow was left behind. I am a little sad about that part. The cool thing was that it did allow us all to practice for an event that almost never happens in Houston. It allowed us to test out our plant covers and set up warm places for them to take shelter. It had us check the outside water spigots to make sure that they were wrapped. We all should have made sure we had generators gassed up; that means those grills, too! The grocery store lines are probably a little shorter because we all stocked up on water and non-perishables just in case the power went out. We either brought our furry pets in or made them a safe and warm place to stay outside.


be-prepared-not-scaredOh, who am I kidding? Our area didn’t even hit the freezing mark and no one really took any of those precautions seriously. In an ideal world, we would have heeded the warning and prepared ourselves. Maybe some of you did and that is great. It is always better to be prepared than caught off guard. So, for those that chose to ignore the warnings, you got off easy this time. Make sure that you get prepared for when the real deal happens now that you have more time to get ready.


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