This year, so far, has amounted to many losses in so many ways that it seems like the universe might be playing a sad joke on us all. We’ve had the rollercoaster on Wall Street that at times seems to have a need to be sedated. We’ve had a slew of terrorist attacks around the world killing so many innocent people. We’ve had the losses of some extrodinary artists. This week alone, we’ve had the passings of David Bowie and Alan Rickman.

I don’t care much for Wall Street except for the fact that commodities trade on it and that has an impact on my profession. The terrorist attacks are serving their purpose; to terrorize people while killing and maiming the survivors. There’s really no winning against that kind of mentality, no matter what they use as an excuse.

Artists, on the other hand, touch in ways we may not realize initially, but they stir so many emotions in the people that enjoy their artistry. David Bowie challenged everything that there was to be challenged. From the style of his music, the wardrobe he used and the art of his fashion, the elements of which made him an ever changing fixture in the music industry. The latest gift to his fans, admirers and collegues came in the form of a new and final album release: Blackstar. It was released just 2 days before he had passed away. Seeing his evolution, artistically, throughout the years has been a journey and an adventure. He will be missed, but his music will live on.


The one that has gotten to me the most, was the passing of Alan Rickman. His career began in 1978 with his casting in Romeo & Juliet as Tybalt but he is most well known for his performance as Professor Severus Snape in the Harry Potter franchise. Though he didn’t always play villians, it was easy to see why he was cast so often for them. Being theatrically trained, he had an uncany sense of timing that he brought to all of his roles. The Harry Potter movie world wouldn’t have been the same if some else would have been cast for that part!



Wands at the ready! They will be missed!



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